Perfect Particulates Purification            PPP Air Purifier

實現潔淨空氣的世代衡平 Protect Our Loved Ones

實現潔淨空氣的世代衡平 Protect Our Loved Ones

實現潔淨空氣的世代衡平 Protect Our Loved Ones 實現潔淨空氣的世代衡平 Protect Our Loved Ones

PPP 空氣淨化機保用 Warranty Guarantee

Purchased our PPP Air Purifier 已購買 PPP 空氣淨化機



我們樂意為客戶提供免費原廠保修服務,任何客戶在PPP 授權零售商店號,購買了PPP 空氣淨化機 (我們建議行貨零售價如下述), 我們保證客戶,均享有自購買日期起計算原廠免費保修保証 (免費保修日期因產品型號而異)。



Suggested retailed price as follows:


PPP-50-01 with KV filter : HKD2380 

PPP-50-02 with A1 filter : HKD2380 

PPP-400-01 with A1 filter : HKD5800 

PPP-1100-01 with A2 filter : HKD15800 

PPP-1200-01 with two A2 sides filters:  HKD33800 

免費保修期內,如果有任何問題, 客戶憑保養證 (附於產品內) 及購買單據, 可享有免費自攜維修服務。

另外,我們也樂意提供免費保修服務予購買了非行貨的客戶,客戶只要在購買日期14天内聯絡本公司( 電郵予我們  及 購買〈產品保養保証服務〉,可享與行貨同等的產品保養保証。


*保修政策適用於在網上及實體零售代理出售的所有全新PPP 空氣淨化機 (非二手產品) *

我們的授權零售商店  Our authorized Retailed Shops  : 






          A1 Digital



          Comet Square


          ESDlife 健康生活易 


          Ho Shop 好店


          HKTVmall PPP官方專門店







We are pleased to offer free-of-charge original warranty to customers who purchased PPP Air Purifier(s) at the PPP from an authorised agent or authorised retailed shop (Our suggested market price for authorised agent/retailed shop is stated as above), we guarantee that customers will enjoy a free-of-charge original warranty within the warranty period. 


During the warranty period, if there is any problem with the PPP Air Purifier, customer can enjoy free-of-charge drop-in repairing service. Customer need to present the Warranty Card (already included within the product pack) and purchase documents (e.g., invoice).


If the customer has purchased the parallel products or products from retailed shops, we are still happy to provide free-of-charge original warranty, provided that the customer contact us within 14 days after his/her purchased (email to: ), and purchase the <Warranty Services>. He/She will still enjoy the same official free-of-charge drop-in warranty/guarantee. 


* The warranty policy is applicable to all new PPP Air Purifiers (non second-hand PPP product) being sold online or at retailed shops *


客戶可以在此登記已購買的 PPP空氣淨化機產品. (在要求免費維修服務時,客戶只需要出示購買發票)。


Client may register here for the warranty. (Customer still need to present the purchased invoice when claiming for the free service)

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You are most welcome to let use know you have any question about our products. Please write to us. 如閣下對我們的產品有任何疑問,歡迎電郵予我們。Email to: